Ausgabe von time, was bedeuten die Zeitangaben genau?

  • $ time echo
    real	0m0.002s
    user	0m0.000s
    sys	0m0.000s

    Wofür steht real, user und sys genau?

  • man: time - echte Laufzeit bzw. tatsächlich genutzte CPU-Zeit

  • CStoll schrieb:

    man: time - echte Laufzeit bzw. tatsächlich genutzte CPU-Zeit

    Danke, die sollten mal die GNU manpage bezüglich time überarbeiten:

    time run the program COMMAND with any given arguments ARG.... When
    COMMAND finishes, time displays information about resources used by
    COMMAND (on the standard error output, by default). If COMMAND exits
    with non-zero status, time displays a warning message and the exit sta‐

    time determines which information to display about the resources used
    by the COMMAND from the string FORMAT. If no format is specified on
    the command line, but the TIME environment variable is set, its value
    is used as the format. Otherwise, a default format built into time is

    Options to time must appear on the command line before COMMAND. Any‐
    thing on the command line after COMMAND is passed as arguments to COM‐

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