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    John Thomas (RAD Studio Product Manager) schrieb:

    An exciting new feature of C++BuilderXE2 is C++ Audits. For those of you unfamiliar with Audits, this is a static code analysis technique to look for potential issues in source code. Some of the things a good audit should do is look adherence to coding standards like naming conventions, or possible errors like divide by zero or comparing floating point values, or even potential security risks like buffer overflows. C++BuilderXE2 delivers a set of 42 audits that cover this broad range potential issues.

    Embarcadero invested in new C++ technology to deliver this audit engine. In particular, we are utilizing the clang front-end . Clang is part of the LLVM project and is a highly compatible C/C++ language front-end. We added support for C++Builder specific features such as our language extensions to support the Delphi Property-Method-Event (PME) model and we have integrated this into our IDE so that you can audit your C++Builder XE2 projects.

    Hervorhebung von mir. Wenn das nichts heißen will 😉

    Außerdem gibt es dieses Webinar von Bruneau Babet, in dem er nicht nur die Audits, sondern auch einige Details zum alten und neuen Compiler etwas genauer erklärt.

  • Wenns denn auch stabil läuft ists ja ne feine Sache. SCNR.

  • Die Audits selbst halte ich hier fĂźr nebensächlich.

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