Neuer Patch für Operation Flashpoint 1 von Boehmia Interactive!

  • Changelog:

    - Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings
    - Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations
    - Fixed: Login hack prevention.
    - Improved: cheat / spam protection.
    - Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name
    - Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes
    - Changed: createMarker function now works only local
    - Added: isServer function
    - Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server
    - Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection
    - Added: User defined maps in missions
    - Added: function: array find item
    - Added: function getWorld
    - Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL
    - Added: Event handler AnimChanged
    - Added: function getMove

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