Software Engineers / Entwickler (m/f/d): Graphics

  • Expectations and Requirements

    You have completed a Masters, German Diplom or Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related subject with a strong curriculum and marks. Practical experience in one or several of the following areas is required:

    • JavaFX and OpenGL ES
    • Java GUI libraries (Swing, AWT, SWT, etc.)
    • the Eclipse framework;
    • Java 7 and 8, OpenJDK;
    • Java Internals such as JNI, JVMTI, class files; and
    • C/C++ on Linux or Windows
      English is essential for working in our international team.

    Tasks and Objectives

    • You will develop and debug tools that are part of the Jamaica development tool set that includes performance monitoring tools, eclipse plug-in, smart linkers, profilers, compilers, etc.
    • You will use best coding practices, generate Javadoc, write architecture and design documentation as part of standard software development life cycle practices using modern tools such as JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, and Mercurial.

    Our Work Enivronment

    In addition to technologically challenging work, we offer a pleasant work environment in an agile team, a well equipped workplace, and support for your professional development. Our team oriented working style and cooperative management concept give you freedom for creative work, but require a high amount of self-motivation and personal responsibility.

    Interested? We are looking forward to your application via Campusjäger!

    For more information or to apply visit:

  • @Campusjäger
    Ich spreche leider kein Englisch. Bitte füge doch eine deutsche Übersetzung hinzu.

  • @manni66 Falls das dein Ernst ist: Wenn du auf den Link klickst, kannst du dort lesen:

    Must Haves
    Englisch (Verhandlungssicher)


    Und falls du "Must Haves" nicht verstehst: das heisst in dem Fall sie setzen das zwingend voraus ("musst du haben (können)") 😉

    Wovon man aber auch irgendwie ausgehen kann wenn Stellenanzeigen im DACH Raum ausschliesslich in Englisch gepostet werden.

    ps: Steht ja auch schon in der Ausschreibung "English is essential for working in our international team." Und das verstehst du auch. Also war es ein Scherz deinerseits. Also sehe ich grad doof aus. Aber macht ja nix, manchmal bin ich es wohl auch 🙂

  • "do you speak english?"
    nächster bewerber!

    "do you speak english?"
    nächster bewerber!

    "do you speak english?"
    "oh yes i do! i grew up in austin, texas, and..."


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