Software Engineer (m/f/d) IT/Java/Embedded Systems Karlsruhe

  • Tasks and Objectives

    • You adopt the Java implementation JamaicaVM, which maps VM-internal functions to various underlying operating systems
    • You develop and maintain low-level infrastructures such as real-time schedulers, real-time thread and communication libraries, and more
    • You will use best practices for programming, generating Javadoc, writing architecture, and design documentation
    • You work with modern tools such as JIRA, Jenkins, Maven and Marcurial as part of the lifecycle of standard software development

    Expectations and Requirements

    • You have completed a Master's, Diploma or Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering, physics or a comparable subject with a strong curriculum and mark
    • You are able to speak and write English in order to work in an international team
    • You know several real-time operating systems, e.g. Linux (PREEMPT_RT), QNX, VxWorks, Windows Embedded
    • You have knowledge of operating system kernel internals, POSIX
    • You can program C/C++ on Linux or Windows
    • You have experience with Java (would be a plus)
    • You have already worked with an assembler (x86, PowerPC or ARM) (would be a plus)

    Our Work Enivronment

    • Technologically demanding tasks
    • A pleasant working environment in an agile team
    • A well equipped workplace
    • Support for professional development
    • A team-oriented working style and our cooperative management concept
    • The time and the place for creative work

    Interested? We are looking forward to your application via Campusjäger!

    For more information or to apply visit:

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