Runtime error

  • Wir bräuchten glaube ich eigentlich etwas mehr Informationen, aber wenn das Problem häufiger Auftritt, probier das .net framework zu deinstallieren und neu aufzusetzen. Hatte das früher auch öfters weil sich teilweise Versionsnummern in die Quere kamen.

  • You should probably contact the application's support team for further information. (that's not legal advice and doesn't imply any warranty)

  • @Tylerbab If I recall correctly, this is the message you get when the application executes the CRT library's abort function (CRT = "C runtime"). An application usually does this when it encounters a problem that it cannot handle (or does not want to handle). Often this message is also triggered by the CRT itself, when the application does something very wrong and the CRT decides that there's no way to safely continue executing the program.
    Unfortunately that's about all you can tell from this message alone.

    If you want you can try to attach a debugger and look at the call stack. If you have debug symbols for the application or maybe even the source code, you could have chance of guessing what the problem is based on the call stack/what you see in the debugger.

    If you're a paying customer of the application or it's a well maintained freeware project, you could also try to save a process dump and open a support case with whoever maintains the project.

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