AIX xlc "cc" compiler error ld 0711-318

  • I have the following Problem

    I tried to inherit 3 classes and now it says that it cannot find the symbols and i don't understand clearly what that means.

    The relevant output is this one, below it lists just a huge list of symbols which are in those inherited classes, on the end of the list it lists the first method i'am trying to use in my core class which inherits all those others.

    I have those 3 classes not in this specific makefile which produces the binary so it will not generate a class.o file which can be linked, i would assume there lies the problem but also by copyingthat file over it won't work. The question for me really is what is a "undefined symbol error" ??

    Thanks for responses


    (ld): addgl /usr/lib/glink64.o
    ADDGL: Glink code added for 763 symbols.
    (ld): er full
    ld: 0711-318 ERROR: Undefined symbols were found.
    The following symbols are in error:

  • Usually each compilation unit is compiled into a separate object file. Those object files reference each other. They have references to symbols (functions, variables, ...) in other object files. Thus when you are linking everything to one executable and you don't specify all needed object files, you get an "unresolved symbol" error message. The linker is not able to find the corresponding symbol.

    Sometimes also the order of command line arguments matter. Since some linkers use them to determine the order they search for the symbols...

  • Thanks for your response,

    I have used the make -d and figured out that it actually cannot find the cpp file which it is supposed to load. I have to change my buildscript.

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