PhysX SKD downloaden

  • Wie und wo kann ich das PhysX SDK downloaden? Auf der nVidia-Homepage muss ich mich tausendmal irgendwo registrieren und komme nicht weiter. Danke. 👍

  • Naja registrieren, anmelden und dann hier runterladen:

  • Ich bin dort eingeloggt, aber auf der Seite steht nur

    The Download Library has more than 0 downloads available. Use the navigation on the right side of the page to access them. If you are looking for the free PhysX/APEX tools/binaries please download them through the NVIDIA APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program.

    und sonst ist die Seite leer. 😞

  • Und auf kommt:

    Let us help you find the page or asset you were looking for

    The system has reported an “Access Denied " error but don’t worry.

    This means one of these things has likely happened:

    You tried to visit a login page when you're already logged in. Continue to the Developer Zone Home Page
    You tried to access a page or asset that requires additional privileges. Try the following:
    Look at the top right corner of this page to verify that you are logged in
    - if it says “Log Out” you are already logged in:
    - if it says “Log In” please use that link to log in and then try accessing the page or asset again.
    If you are already logged in and still see this page, you may need to sign up for one of our “Registered Developer Programs”. To do this, use the “My Account” link when you are logged in and then “apply” for the program which fits you best.
    One example: To download Nsight, Visual Studio Edition you must be a member of Visual Studio Edition Registered Developer Program.
    If the suggestions above fail, please fill out, please fill out this contact form and let us know what URL you were using so we can investigate the issue as soon as possible.

    Good Luck and thanks for visiting The NVIDIA Developer Zone!

  • Und auf steht:

    Registered Developer Programs Status
    Basic Registered Developer Profile
    This is your basic user profile data that is needed to process any of the Registered Developer Program applications. It's important that you keep this information up-to-date. You cannot apply for a specific program until this information is completed. OK
    APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program
    Sign up for free access to the latest versions of APEX/PhysX tools and binary SDKs. APEX provides powerful authoring tools to quickly generate interactive content (Clothing, Destruction, Turbulence) in games. APEX is integrated into UE3 and can be easily integrated into any other proprietary game engine. The PhysX SDK is a scalable multi-platform game physics solution which supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to high-end multicore CPUs and GPUs. The PhysX SDK provides real time collision detection and simulation of rigid bodies, cloth and fluid particle systems. Register to file bugs and gain access to exclusive events. Apply

  • Hast du dich unter für PhysX registriert ?

  • Ich hab mich jetzt registriert. Muss ich warten, bis ich freigeschaltet werde?

  • Was weiß ich denn ?
    Steht da dass du freigeschaltet werden musst ?
    hast du dich für Phsyx eingetragen ?
    Was für ne Meldung bekommst du wenn du versuchst es jetzt runterzuladen ?

  • Es hat geklappt, ich musste nur warten.

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